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A collection of network programs for the Linux operating system. This package includes:

       biff            Control program for comsat
       comsat          Daemon for asynchronous new mail notification
       fingerd         Daemon for remote finger access
       finger          Program for printing user information
       ftp             Client program for the ftp protocol.
       ftpd            Daemon for the ftp protocol.
       inetd           Internet "super-server" daemon forker
       ping            Standard network testing program
       rcp             Remote copy program using rsh
       rexecd          Daemon for rexec connections
       rexec           Password-based remote execution program
       ripquery        Query program for routed
       rlogind         Daemon for rlogin connections
       rlogin          Remote login program
       routed          RIP-based routing daemon
       rpc.bootparamd  Net-boot support daemon.
       rpcgen          SunRPC code generator
       rpcinfo         SunRPC diagnostic program
       rpc.rusersd     Daemon to return data for rwho/ruptime
       rpc.rwalld      Daemon for receiving remote write-alls.
       rshd            Daemon for rsh connections
       rsh             Non-password-based remote execution program
       rup             Program to print LAN uptimes
       ruptime         Program to print LAN uptimes
       rusers          Program to print current LAN user logins
       rwall           Remote write-all program.
       rwhod           Daemon to maintain data for rwho/ruptime
       rwho            Program to print current LAN user logins
       talkd           Daemon to help set up talk sessions.
       talk            Program for chatting with another user elsewhere.
       telnet          Client for telnet protocol
       telnetd         Daemon for telnet protocol
       tftpd           Trivial File Transfer Protocol daemon
       tftp            Trivial File Transfer Protocol client
       timedc          Client for time daemon
       timed           Time daemon
       writed          Daemon for receiving write messages from other hosts
       write           Program for quick messages to other people (net-aware)


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