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Mobile Linux (MLI)

About Mobile Linux (MLI)

The Mobile Linux workgroup has as its mission to accelerate adoption of Linux on next-generation mobile handsets and other converged voice/data portable devices and to provide a mobile profile for the LSB.

Open Source Projects - The Mobile Linux workgroup does not impose unfunded mandates upon the Linux industry. Rather, it creates guideline specifications based on existing open source (prototype) implementations and works with LF members and open source community members to invest in existing projects and instigate creation of new projects to fill gaps and fulfill the promise of Linux in key segments like mobile telephony.


Conference Calls

Mobile Linux conference calls are on every other Wednesday at 9AM (Pacific Time).

  • Number: 1-319-741-8000
  • Passcode: 819365#
  • Next series of calls: 2/13/08, 2/27/08

Mobile Linux BLOG

The Mobile Linux workgroup can post BLOG articles for topics relating to the Mobile Linux workgroup or topics relating to the mobile linux community and/or ecosystem.

Workgroup Resources

Mobile Platform Guidelines

Mailing Lists


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