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Leadership Team

David “Lefty” Schlesinger - Chairman; also serves as representative to LiPS, GMAE, and Desktop Architects
David “Lefty” Schlesinger is Director of Open Source Technologies at ACCESS Systems Americas, Inc. (formerly PalmSource), working principally on open source strategy and community relations, and representing ACCESS in a number of industry and community initiatives. In addition to being Chair of the Linux Foundation's Mobile Linux Working Group, Lefty is acting Chair of the Architectural Working Group of the Linux Phone Standards Forum, and a member of the GNOME Foundation's Advisory Board. He was previously the director of PalmSource's Core Technologies department, responsible for delivery of the kernel, drivers and low-level middleware for the ACCESS Linux Platform. Lefty is a frequent presenter and panelist at open source-related conferences, participating in the Finnish Centre for Open Source Software's “Verso” Business Series, FOSTEL, GUADEC and the Ottawa Linux Symposium, among other events, in 2007. Lefty is also administrator of the Hiker Project, an open source “application services framework” developed by ACCESS and released to the open source community in 2007.

Scott Preece - Consumer Electronics Linux Forum Liaison
Scott Preece is Chair of the CE Linux Forum mobile phone working group and has also been involved in several other industry forums aimed at building phones using Linux. In his day job he is a senior software architect at Yahoo!Scott was previously at Motorola, where he was a lead architect on both Linux-based and proprietary-OS-based phone projects. In a previous life at the same desk he was a technical lead on projects doing UNIX ports on various hardware platforms and adding real-time features to UNIX. He has a PhD in computer science based on research in information retrieval using spreading activation networks.

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