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Come help shape the future of Software Tagging. OSDL is organizing a workshop for Open Source Software authors, repositories, and users to help define and create a distributed “Social Tagging” mechanism to describe OSS. The goal is to create a system that will allow the characteristics of OSS code and documentation to be easily collected and searched by everyone, while still being distributed and shared by all participating repositories.

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September 14th and 15th, 2006

Anyone interested in software tagging, and anyone that hosts projects is invited to attend. We'd love to see even more repositories represented. If anyone has some specific people they'd like to see invited, please email Kees Cook, and we will seek them out.

To help us solidify our agenda, it may be helpful for some of the participants to create short (<10 min) presentations on how they're involved in this project. I think the rough outline for such a presentation would be:

  • who you are
  • your relationship to software tagging (provider, consumer, both?)
  • what systems or methods you already use around tagging
  • specific problems you have with current tagging capabilities (bugs)
  • what you'd like to see for the future of tagging (features)
  • in what ways you're able to assist in improving tagging

The base agenda will likely be this, though it is highly flexible:

  • best-practice for software tagging (more input for the OSSTag project)
  • tagging experiment on several pieces of software using OSSTag
  • integrating tags into source directly (javadoc, perldoc, doxygen, etc)
  • best-practice for time-stamping of tags
  • develop an outline for a “publication website” where tagging and metadata exist, but no “developer services”. (like

End goals:

  • meet everyone face-to-face
  • understand the challenges facing a distributed software tagging system
  • improve the OSSTag prototype

We'll likely have a small get-together the night before (13th) just to meet up with everyone that's coming in from out of town, etc.

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