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Civil Infrastructure Platform

The Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) aims to establish a “base layer” of industrial-grade tooling using the Linux kernel and other open source projects. This base layer will be available for use by developers creating software building blocks that meet safety, security, reliability and other requirements that are critical to industrial and civil infrastructure projects.

Participate in CIP

CIP is an open collaborative project where you are welcome to contribute. please join us:

You can follow our progress and news by visiting our website.

CIP activities

Kernel maintainership

The first action taken by the CIP project is to select and maintain Linux kernels for very long time (+10 years). To achieve goal a group of experts has been assigned. All the actions and decisions related with the maintenance of the Linux kernels selected by the CIP group can be followed in the page CIP Kernel maintenance.


Civil infrastructure industry has high stability, reliability and security standards in order to ensure safety critical systems. A project has been formed to address this reality called CIP Testing. So far the efforts are focused on testing the CIP kernel. In the future they will be extended to the complete CIP platform.

CIP Core project

The CIP Core project aims to create ​reference ​minimal file system ​images ​that allow testing ​the CIP Core packages: ​a set of industrial-grade components that require ​super long-term maintenance. For more information,​ go to the CIP Core wiki page, follow the quickstart or check out the source code.

Cyber security standard for industry (IEC62443-4)

It is a mandatory topic to secure civil infrastructure from cyber attacks, and thus cyber security is a key element for CIP. ISA/IEC-62443 is a series of standards, technical reports, and related information that define procedures for implementing electronically secure Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS).

For more information,​ go to the CIP Cyber security wiki page.

Reference Hardware

The CIP project has selected a number of hardware platforms to used as reference platforms for the project's software. More information can be found in the CIP Reference Hardware wiki page.

Other activities

CIP group is developing other actions:


Logo and name Usage

Use of the names and logos for “CIP” / “Civil Infrastructure Platform” and other LF projects (ie Real-Time Linux) is acceptable to describe those projects and your involvement in them, as long as your manner of usage is in compliance with the LF's Trademark Usage Guidelines (available at Although you will likely want to consult with your own trademark legal counsel for legal advice regarding the Usage Guidelines, here are a couple in particular we would highlight: