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CIP Core project


The Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) project aims to provide an open source base layer (OSBL) for embedded systems that require super long-term maintenance (SLTS). The OSBL consists of the super long-term support (SLTS) kernel, and the CIP Core packages. The CIP core packages are a set of industrial grade core open source software components and tools. The CIP Core project aims to implement reference file systems that use the CIP Core packages and can be tested on reference hardware.

It is not decided yet which components will be part of the final CIP Core packages. However, the current candidates for the initial component set are show in the figure below.

The CIP Core project will create its file systems from Debian LTS sources and/or binaries and the CIP kernel.

The source code is currently hosted here.

Deby-based file systems

Deby is a reference distribution built with poky and meta-debian, a layer for the poky build system that allows cross-building file system images from Debian source packages.

The CIP Core project provides reference Deby file systems that include the CIP Core packages and can be tested on the following reference hardware.

  • Renesas RZ/G1M (iwg20m)
  • BeagleBone Black
  • QEMU x86_64
  • Cyclone-V (experimental)

Building Deby-based CIP Core

Prepare a Docker image for the KAS tool using the instructions on their web site. Launch a docker container and run the kas tool. For example, to build CIP Core for the Renesas iwg20m board just follow the instructions in README.IWG20M.txt; and to build CIP Core for the Beaglebone back you can follow the instructions in README.BBB.txt.

ISAR file systems

The CIP Core project also plans to provide reference file systems built with ISAR.

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