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The website will be pure XSLT, that transforms the server's XML-Answers to HTML.

The server will also provide special xsltpassthrough parameters, making it easyer for the xslt to maintain it's current state.

Possible Web-Interface

suggestion by Jan

To find some special timestamp for verification, there are several methods to do so:

After clicking search, you'll get as answer the search result

search results

The search results are all displayed including a link to the timestamp details

timestamp details

The detailed view of a timestamp has a link to the accoring PTB.

Of course the timestamp-details also display the meta-information of the timestamped file again. This looks the same as I already showed in the search result

PTB - Public Timestamp Block

The PTB (Public Timestamp Block) details page contains all information neccessary to verify the Timestamps yourself.

  • A link to the hash-values of this block (looks like this)
  • A link to all the 'timestamp details pages' of files that were timestamped within this block (looks like this)
  • A list of all known publications of the hash values of this specific PTB
  • Follow-up blocks, which contain (as described by Endless logfile) the Hash of this PTB as a whole.
  • photos is just an idea we can discuss, but for explanation it could be helpful if we provide photos of the magazine's page that containes the hash-values (if they send us one of course only).
  • A download link to download this block to self-verify it

How are these blocks connected? Read Timestamping_Introduction#Endless_Logfile .

latest PTB for new publications

This here shows what everybody would need to publish. (Of course not exactly this, but always the latest version :)

Of course we could make this a little smaller, and maybe provide different versions. For example we could skip the non-cryptographic hash-values (as all the smaller checksums) for magazines. Those are mostly here for easyer searching and verification. The evidence comes from the big ones :)

public access to PTBs

PTBs must all be public available for download!

  • Its very important that this data won't get lost or corrupted
  • For more security everybody should be able to mirror these files, and we should even encourage others to do so
  • For verification of timestamps everybody must be able to download these files (of course only single ones, to find the right one above search mechanism gets implemented)

<< Public Timestamp

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