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<< Public Timestamp


General To Do

Please add everything you feel noteworthy!



how to contribute


  • if no PTB is found (which means, that the file was timestamped within the last 3 hours), then show appropriate hint to explain this to users




  • replace document-type numbers with better names
  • gui version

thunderbird extension

scripts / cronjobs

  • create some kind of directory structure for PTBs (e.g. 0-1000, 1001-2000, .. ), to prevent too many files in /ptb/ !
  • creation of PTB-INFO files is not done in the best way yet. (ptb-info is created AFTER the PTB, and thus is not timestamped at the same time as the PTB itself. this could be done vice versa, so that the PTB-INFO is created first, then timestamped, and then the PTB is created. so the PTB-INFO doesn't contain the PTB, but the PTB the INFO block) .. seems that this would be better to me .. Kechel 13:07, 23 May 2007 (PDT)

write guideline on how/when to use publictimestamp

  • Create your shippable file(s).
  • Prepare (but do not finalize) your release announcements.
  • For each file to be released, generate a public timestamp of it; note the number.
  • Assemble the file names and the public time stamps into legible information in your release announcements.
  • Include the latest PTB signature
  • Distribute widely.

<< Public Timestamp

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