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LSB SDK 4.0.3

The LSB Workgroup has released version 4.0.3 of the LSB Software Development Kit (SDK).

The SDK is distributed in LSB-compliant RPM packages from the following location:

Additionally, tarball bundles with an easy install script are available from here:

This release supports all seven architectures covered by the LSB: x86, x86_64, Itanium, PowerPC 32- and 64-bit, and IBM System/390 31- and 64-bit. As with all versions since 4.0.0, this release also can target building for LSB versions 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, and 4.0, as desired.

This version contains several bugfixes and new features. Some of the major ones include:

- The SDK now has been tested against gcc 4.4.

- To make it easier to control the LSB versions supported in the SDK, the directory structure has been changed. Add-on libraries to the SDK must now be installed to the proper versioned library directories; use of the “default” library directory is now deprecated.

- Shared library dependencies are now calculated properly when adding them in to the link line (bug 1475).

- Fix issues with the STL on gcc 4.2 (bug 2267).

- Several X header problems were fixed (bugs 2791, 2799, 2801, 2802, 2804, 2906, and 2918).

- The SDK now provides a cups-config script for properly configuring apps using the CUPS APIs (bug 2792).

- Several constants required by POSIX have been added that involve time functions and threading (bugs 2730 and 2919).

- Best-effort executables on 64-bit PowerPC now properly detect the state of the LSB dynamic linker (bug 2822).

- The source code now provides a top-level Makefile to make life easier for people wishing to build from source (bug 2609).

- Shared libraries shipped with the SDK no longer include a .gnu.hash ELF section (bug 2858).

A complete list of fixed bugs can be found in bug 2779. This bug, as well as the others listed above, can be viewed on the LSB bug tracker at

The final 4.0.3 release is identical to the previously-announced RC1, so developers who have downloaded that release do not need to re-download it.

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