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Milestone 1 - DONE

  • server
  • command-line client
  • simple web-site


Kechel 02:01, 10 November 2006 (PST)

  1. First let's do the basic programming for it. I think I'll first implement the server with the interface as described in PT_Server
  2. Then we can start to write the XSLT Files, which means that *I really need help* from people that translate my english to real english, or write some easy readable texts for the website (mostly a non-technical translation of Timestamping_Introduction ) The XSLT Files will create the website as described in Timestamping_Introduction
  3. For the beginning, I'll just adapt my prevalent-timestamping-client ( to publictimestamp-client. It basically does the same, it just uses a not well defined interface yet. As soon as the server is working, I'll change this (as well as its layout etc.).
  4. Then and will start using those. And we can ask others to do so as well (like the waybackmachine, freshmeat, berlios, alioth, etc.)
  5. Don't forget Publications of Timestamps (even if the idea with that TB-Extension makes this almost obsolete :) ( PT_Clients )

Milestone 2

Yet to do:

  • gui-client

Already done things:

  • thunderbird-extension
  • command line script to get latest PTB signature
  • PTB and PTB-INFO mirror script
  • downloading and timestamping all new releases from major mirrors / software hosting sites partly done (software infrastructure is working, I do mirror with my private server, lots of other sites still need to be convinced of doing this themselves .. )

Milestone 3

  • translations (german, spanish, … )
  • firefox-extension
  • convince more sites to publictimestamp new files !
  • .. ideas?

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