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Possible Command-Line Interface for timestamping

This is only a copy of what my pdc (prevalent digest client) already does, but the PT client will surely work in a very similar way:

jan@janlap:~$ pdc help
Prevalent Digest Creator 1.1 - License: GNU General Public License
 gui mode:     java -jar pdc.jar
 command line: java -jar pdc.jar -action [send | verify] [options]

 -f  File (required)
 -d  Document Name
 -e  EMail
 -h  Homepage
 -p  Person
 -pn Project Name
 -u  URL
 -t  Document-Type (1 = Source-Code, 2 = Object-Code, 3 = Text)

Only Filename is required, the other options are optional.

As you can see, this allows an easy and scriptable way to create new timestamps as well as to verify if a file is timestamped already.

Thunderbird Extension

Just had the idea that we could also write a little Mozilla Thunderbird extension, that attachs a little signature to your mails, which containsone randomly selected of the many hash-values for the latest PTB

-- ripemd-160

This way, we would have tons of evidence for the timestamp-date, which are also very very accurate. Especially when sending to mailinglists :)

Firefox Extension

This could also be a little client. Right click on any link to a file in the web, select 'check for Public Timestamp', and the extension searches the PT and checks if this was timestamped (and when).

It's just an easy way for quick verification :)

<< Public Timestamp

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