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1. OpenChain KWG Introduction

The OpenChain KWG (Korea Work Group) is a working group for collaborating and sharing the open source spirit to share and consider ways to effectively achieve open source compliance. Anyone who is responsible for Open Source Compliance within a Korean company that develops and distributes software can participate. Join the Mailing List!

OpenChain KWG Mailing List

OpenChain Project's website

2. Main Activities

OpenChain Localization

OpenChain Specification Korean translation

OpenChain Curriculum Korean translation

3. Meetings

5th Meeting

  • Organizer: Kakao
  • Schedule: March 19, 2020 (Unfortunately, due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the meeting was temporarily postponed.)
  • Place: Kakao Pangyo Office


No Agenda Speaker Slide
1 OpenChain Update Shane Coughlan, Linux Foundation
2 Intro to Kakao Open Source Verification System, Olive Violet, Kakao
3 Open source contributions, really easy? Seo-yeon Lee, Line
4 Updating

4th Meeting


No Agenda Speaker Slide
1 OpenChain Update Shane Coughlan / Linux Foundation a_brief_introduction_to_openchain.pdf
2 Open Source Management Portal and Open Source Management Plan Sangmi Kim, Jihyun Lee / Ktds
3 How to Install and Use FOSSology Wonjae Park / LG Electronics fossology_introduction_openchain_kwg.pdf
4 OpenChain KWG Update Haksung Jang / LG Electronics openchain_kwg_update_2019-12-02.pdf
5 Case Study All
6 Free Discussion All
Case Study : Open Source Governance Organization

Companies to attend

  • Ktds
  • LG Electronics
  • SK Telecom
  • SK holdings
  • Samsung
  • Kakao
  • Hyundai Mobis


20191202_164705.jpg 20191202_164627.jpg 20191202_154407.jpg 20191202_154240.jpg 20191202_154218.jpg 20191202_154127.jpg 20191202_151459.jpg 20191202_145534.jpg 20191202_144244.jpg 20191202_141612.jpg 20191202_141601.jpg 20191202_141546.jpg

3rd Meeting


No Agenda Speaker Slide
1 State of the Union Shane Coughlan, Linux Foundation
2 Introducing the T-hub System SK Telecom, Sang-gi Kim, Kwang-yeop Yoo (ICT Technology Center) t-hub_소개_v1.0_외부배포용.pdf
3 Open Source Software License Analysis History NCsoft, Jiho Han 오픈소스_소프트웨어_검증기_wg공유_20190904_공유용.pdf
4 Catch up with OpenChain LG Electronics, Haksung Jang openchain따라잡기_2019-09-04.pdf
5 Free Discussion All

Companies Attended

  • KT
  • KTDS
  • LG Electronics
  • SK Telecom
  • Line
  • Samsung Electronics
  • NCsoft
  • Kakao
  • Hyundai Motors
  • Hyundai Mobis
  • Hyundai MN Soft


20190904_151150.jpg 20190904_160802.jpg 20190904_160804.jpg

2nd Meeting

  • Organizer: Samsung Electronics
  • Schedule: 2019-06-12 (Wed) 2 pm-5pm
  • Venue: Conference Room 107, E-Tower, Seoul R&D Campus Samsung Electronics (Umyeon-dong)


No Agenda Speaker Slide
1 OpenChain Today and Tomorrow Shane Coughlan, Linux Foundation openchaintodayandtomorrow-190612090644.pdf
2 Open Source Verification System Construction Status Samsung, Jaemin Cho
3 Open Source Analysis Tool Review Samsung Electronics, Hee Sung Kim
4 Open Source Compliance Tool based on Open Source LG Electronics, Haksung Jang 1. FOSSology & SW360 2. Open Source Compliance Toolchain 3. ClearlyDefined
5 Free Discussion All

Companies Attended

  • KT (1)
  • KTDS (2)
  • LG Electronics (9)
  • NCSOFT (2)
  • SK telecom (1)
  • Samsung Electronics (7)
  • Kakao (5)
  • Hyundai Motors (3)



1st Meeting


No Agenda Speaker Slide
1 Intro LG Electronics, Haksung Jang openchain_korea_workshop_intro_2019-01-23.pdf
2 Great Open Source Compliance For Everyone Shane Coughlan, Linux Foundation
3 How do we OpenChain? LG Electronics, Haksung Jang openchain_korea_workshop_how_do_we_openchain_2019-01-23.pdf
4 Introduce yourself & Workshop – OpenChain and Korea LG Electronics, Soim Kim openchainkoreaworkshop_livepoll_result_2019-01-23.pdf

Companies Attended

  • LG Electronics (12)
  • SK Telecom (1)
  • Kakao (3)
  • Hyundai Motors (4)
  • Samsung Electronics (5)


4. Sub Group

Conformance Meeting

1st Meeting

  1. Purpose: Discuss and share compliance methods among companies seeking to comply with OpenChain Specification
  2. Date: November 4, 2019 (Mon), 4 pm-6pm
  3. Place: 6th meeting room, 2nd floor, Customer Center, Seocho R&D Campus, LG Electronics
  4. Attendance
    • NCSoft
    • Ktds
    • LGE
  5. Activities
    • Intro of OpenChain Conformance
    • Review NCSoft's Review of OpenChain Self Certificate and discuss how to respond
  6. Photo

1575426596835.jpg 1575426599025.jpg

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