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Thank you to everyone who participated in the OpenChain Korea Work Group 2nd meeting. Special thanks to Samsung Electronics for providing the venue and informative session presentation.

1. Everyone is invited to share notes, slides and other information on our wiki page (

2. We discussed the BMT Guidance Document for evaluation of the TTA Standard - Open Software Licensing Analysis Tool. (The file can be downloaded from the following page:

3. The tooling overview presentation covered three topics with three sets of slides as per below. - FOSSology & SW360: - Open Source Compliance Toolchain: - ClearlyDefined:

4. The 3rd meeting will take place at the SKT with our kind host being Woody Park. - If you have a topic that you would like to discuss at the third meeting, please feel free to comment. - We are currently considering the first week of September but the formal announcement will come later.

5. The OpenChain Korea Work Group is an open source mind-set to collaborate and share, to think and share ways for everyone to effectively achieve Open Source Compliance. If you are in charge of Open Source Compliance in a Korean company, you can participate. If you have anyone around you who wants to participate in this meeting, please let them know how to join the Mailing List via this wiki:

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