LSB DTK Manager Build Instructions

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lsb-dist-testkit-manager Source Build Instructions

This document has instructions on how to build the source for the lsb-dist-testkit-manager.


  • bzr is installed, 0.13 or better
  • build tools are installed (make, lsbcc)
  • lsb dynamic linker is in place (/%_lib/
  • rpm-build is installed
  • my 'pwd' is /home/tester/temp
  • all build work is done as a "normal" user, not root

Building Steps

Checkout a branch from Bazaar-NG

An initial branch will take some minutes to complete:

$> bzr branch dtk-manager

or if you have an existing branch:

$> cd dtk-manager
$> bzr pull

Building the tarball and package

To build both tarball and package use a plain "make". The Makefile accepts the environment variable BZRTREES to pull from your local branch to build the tarball, rather than the remote branch.

$> cd dtk-manager/package
$> BZRTREES=/home/tester/temp make

You should find something like this at the end of the build:



You could build tarball and packages through two separate steps:

Build source tarball

$> cd dtk-manager/package
$> BZRTREES=/home/tester/temp make tarball

Build rpm package

$> make rpm_package

If your compiler fails with the message 'unrecognized command line option "-fno-stack-protector"', delete or comment out the line 'export CFLAGS=-fno-stack-protector' in the file 'lsb-dtk-manager.spec' and try again.

If you find issues in following the above procedure, please feel free to email to