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spanning tree on kernel 2.6.30

Hi All,

i hope this is the right place to ask….

i'm try to use bridge on kernel 2.6.30 for the following reason:

i need to realize a litle beat complex network interconnecting a few linux embedded box on wich only one ethernet interface is available for each box. The unique eth is phisically connectd with one port of embedde 5 port switch that is used only to provide multiple phisical port for connection.

In this way, after configuring one single bridge (STP enable) with one single port for each box seams that STP is not able to avoid the loop that is present on the network.


Of course i able to see all the relevant message on syslog regarding promiscous mode , lerning,forwardig etc . The stange things is that every port of every bridge are in forwarding state.

Sameone can clarify where i'm wrong ?

Thanks in advance





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