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June 2011 Tab Minutes

The Technical Advisory Board met on Thursday, June 9, 2011.  Here are the minutes from that meeting.


  • Alan Cox
  • Amanda McPherson
  • Chris Mason
  • Grant Likely
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman
  • John Linville
  • Jon Corbet 


Begun at 12:05 PM US/MDT

Plumbers update

Grant said that things are generally in good shape. There are still some logistical issues to work out, but things are coming together and the conference is well in hand.  There have also been “lots of registrations” so far.

Grant took an action item to get the date of the conference prominently   displayed on the web site.

Events scheduling

The decisions posted previously to the list were discussed with no real   objections. Main discussion was about moving Plumbers earlier in the year; moving the 2013 event to (say) March would mean it would happen about six months after the 2012 event; Grant said he was not worried about that possibility.

Action item for Grant: put out calls for organizing groups for both the 2012 and 2013 events in the near future.

Posting TAB Minutes to LF website

Not much has happened; the issue is still open. Minutes from late 2010 seem to be missing in action.


The Linux Foundation's ejection from the USB-IF workgroups was discussed. Given the history of such action, it si not clear whether continued membership is worthwhile. Greg took an action item to see if some additional support for the LF's presence in the workgroups could be found.

Meeting closed around 12:30 US/MDT

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