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Minutes of the February 2015 TAB Meeting

  Peter Anvin
  Jonathan Corbet
  Matthew Garrett
  Greg Kroah-Hartman
  John Linville
  Chris Mason
  Amanda McPherson
  Sarah Sharp

1: Action items:

Skipped since nobody could remember any action items needing coverage.

2: Trolling

Sarah asked about the “how I would like to be treated” statement that Matthew is working on.  That work is still underway; a version may be available for review next week.

3: Developer survey

Matthew said that, in light of the wider conversation that is currently underway, he is no longer convinced of the value of a separate developer survey.  So this initiative seems to be tabled for now.

4: Electoral process

Kristen has been a slacker (her words) and a new version of the proposal is not yet ready.  There appears to be a consensus on the plan, though, and there is time before the next TAB election to get that done.

5: Plumbers

There was a meeting a couple of days prior to discuss division of responsibilities between the Plumbers committee and the Linux Foundation; a draft document has been written and the next couple of weeks are an informal comment period.

In other news, Intel stepped up to be an exclusive event sponsor, leading to the problem that Plumbers has more sponsors than events.  A new event will probably be added, either Tuesday or Thursday night.

A leader has stepped forward for a wireless networking miniconf, so that will likely be a part of the schedule.

Beyond that, so far so good for Plumbers.

6: Project updates

  • UEFI, not much to report
  • CII: no real news.  Outside of this topic, there was some discussion about the articles on the net regarding the GnuPG developer going broke.  He did receive $60K from the CII fund, a fact that was not reported in the article.  It would be good to get that information out there somehow.
  • Testing: developers have been busy and there is a lot of stuff set to land during the 3.20 merge window.

7: Vice chair election

That should be around next month.  Say something if you want to serve in this most prestigious of positions.

Meeting closed at 21:23 UTC.

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