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Minutes of the December 2013 TAB meeting

Public minutes for the December 5 TAB meetingPresent: Ric Wheeler
     James Bottomley (chair)
     Jonathan Corbet (recorder)
     Sarah Sharp
     Jesse Barnes
     John Linville
     Matthew Garrett
     Greg Kroah-Hartman

1: Linux Plumbers Conference status

   James reported that things are moving forward at a good pace.  The CFP
   will go out, alongside the LinuxCon CFP, in January.  James will get the
   web set into an operatig state sometime in December.

   The cost structure for this event will be different than before, since
   each room must be paid separately.  That adds costs, but there is some
   hope that meals might be cheaper.  The LPC committee is still figuring
   out how many rooms will be needed.  The plenary sessions are
   particularly problematic, since there is no suitable room that can be
   split for the smaller sessions; paying for the large room for a total of
   two sessions sems wasteful.  

   For 2014, LPC will have presentation tracks only on the day shared with

2: Secure boot

   [UEFI secure boot discussions held under NDA].

3: Other UEFI business

   None, meetings have been canceled for the holidays.

4: Getting TAB minutes onto the web site.

   Jon confessed his abject failure to even attempt to make progress on
   this issue, will try to do better.

5: Other business

   Matthew noted that he has been writing a document describing the best
   strategies for supporting secure boot systems.  Topics covered include
   key generation procedures, key security, kernel security, and more.  He
   requested input on the best way to publish it and, in particular,
   whether it should be published through the Linux Foundation.  A copy of
   the document will be sent to the list.

6: Next meeting

   The next TAB meeting is scheduled for January 2, which will conflict
   with travel plans for some members attending LCA.  In the end, it was
   decided to not try to reschedule the meeting.

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