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This is an incomplete list of topics which need help. If you pick a topic to work on, please mark it with your name in the list. If you chose to pick a topic which is not in the list, please add it and assign it to yourself.

Please make sure, that you had a look at wiki guideline before.

Technical documentation:

Please also note the main pages of documentation:

(New) Topic (and description) Related old wiki pages Assigned to
High resolution timers:
Short explanation in Technical details
design note
high resolution timers
Alexandra Collins
RCU Paul McKenney
See also topic PI Mutex Test in category “Howtos”
( PI Mutex Test)
Sleeping spinlocks David Long
The list needs to be extended by recent publications
Publications Roberto Valenzuela
Known Limitations (config options)
The reason for disabling a specific config option
with PREEMPT_RT_FULL should be specified


Please also note the main pages of Howtos:

(New) Topic (and description) Related old wiki pages Assigned to
CPU affinity and isolation
CPU Partitioning
CPU Affinity
CPU shielding
Cpuset I
Cpuset II
Cpuset III
Cpuset IV
Cpuset V
Sergio Rodriguez
Tickless Kernel Tickless Kernel Sergio Rodriguez
Memory Dynamic memory allocation example
Memory locking, stack handling
mlockall() effects
Absence of page faults
Memory locking example
Jithu Joseph
PI Mutex
See also topic rt_mutex in category “Documentation”
PI Mutex Test
Focus on PREEMPT_RT specific functionalities
Focus on PREEMPT_RT specific functionalities
Vedang Patel
(✓) rt-tests
only basic information is given (program list and install instructions); information about tests beside cyclictest is required
(✓) Cyclictest
See also topic rt-tests; only test results
are missing
Worstcase Latency Test Scenario
Vedang Patel
Start application with RT priority as non root user

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