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rt-tests is a test suite, that contains programs to test various real time Linux features. It is maintained by Clark Williams and John Kacur. The source code is hosted on, the releases are available here. For communication, the rt-users mailing list is used.


The following programs are part of the rt-tests:

  • cyclictest: latency detection
  • cyclicdeadline
  • deadline_test
  • pip_stress
  • pi_stress
  • pmqtest
  • ptsematest
  • queuelat
  • rt-migrate-test
  • signaltest
  • sigwaittest
  • ssdd
  • svsematest

Compile and install

rt-tests suite can be installed from source. Therefore the libnuma and build-essentials are required. The given example is for a Debian based system:

sudo apt-get install build-essential libnuma-dev

libnuma-dev is required for build. Usually, it's safe to have libnuma-dev installed also in non-NUMA systems, but if you don't want to install the NUMA libs (e.g. in embedded environment) then compile with make NUMA=0.

Clone source code (check out the latest stable branch, because the master branch is not used for stable release any more), compile it and install it to the local filesystem

git clone git://
cd rt-tests
git checkout stable/v1.0
make all
make install

The last step is optional. All compiled programs can be executed from the build directory directly. If only a single program should be compiled only the single make target for the specific program could be executed (example for cyclictest):

make cyclictest
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