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List Description Real-Time Linux Users: Release announcements, bug reports and handling, general usage questions, development or user-space tools (e.g. rt-test suite). subscribe linux-rt-users unsubscribe linux-rt-users (LKML) Linux Kernel Development: technical discussions related to upstream and RT tree patches with all developers and maintainers. subscribe linux-kernel unsubscribe linux-kernel

Information about all Linux kernel developer mailing lists is provided on If there are questions about LKML, please consider LKML FAQs first.

All patches against the RT tree should be posted to LKML. CCing rt-users is fine, but development needs to happen on the main kernel development list because only a few developers/maintainers are subscribed to rt-users. Furthermore, the more patch discussion happens on LKML, the more it helps promote the willingness of other kernel developers to accept that CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT isn't going to go away, and will probably (hopefully!) be merged into mainline someday soon.

The linux-rt-users list is intended for users who want to ask questions about using the -rt patch set.

If you are interested in sending patches for improvements or bug fixes for RT, please see Send Patches for RT.

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