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The RTL Collaborative Project

The RTL Collaborative Project was first announced in October 2015.

The Real-Time Linux (RTL) Collaborative Project was founded by industry experts to advance technologies for the robotics, telecom, manufacturing, and medical industries. The RTL Collaborative Project will initially focus on pushing critical code upstream to be reviewed and later merged into the mainline Linux kernel with ongoing support. RTL’s Thomas Gleixner, who has been maintaining the RTL branch for more than a decade, will become a Linux Foundation Fellow to dedicate even more time to this project.

You are a member and like to use the logo to indicate you support for the project? Please consider the Brand Guidelines first!

RTL project progress

The aim of the RTL collaborative project is mainlining the PREEMPT_RT patch. In order to reach this goal, there is much work to be done. The following page describes the topics that Thomas Gleixner's real-time team is currently working on:

For an overview of the tasks to be accomplished to reach the project's goals see:

Beside those specialized topics, the already existing PREEMPT_RT patches have to be maintained later on.

RTL project team

Currently the project team consists of five developers:

  • Thomas Gleixner (project lead)
  • Sebastian Siewior (core development and release management)
  • John Ogness (core development)
  • Anna-Maria Gleixner (core development)
  • Benedikt Spranger (quality assurance, bug tracking and bug analysis)

Participation ...

... as a Developer

The RTL project is looking for people who are interested to work with us in the areas of testing, documentation and development.

... as a Member

If you wish to support the project as a member, please contact real-time-membership.

RTL members

The members provide the financial resources to reach the goals of the project. The membership has two levels: Premier and General.

If you wish to become a member of the project, please contact real-time-membership.

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