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Happy New Year 2018!

As most of you know 2018 has started with a big bang in the computer industry, which will keep us occupied for quite some time. The upstream kernel mitigation of meltdown variant 3 via kept me beyond busy for the last two month.

Despite that disruption, which definitely required all brains collaborating, I've tried to keep up with the ongoing work of merging the Preempt-RT patch set into the Linux kernel. We've made great progress on various topics, especially the jinxed dcache problem. Patches will be posted as soon as folks are back from their well earned vacation.

In 2017 the RTL developer team was making enormous progress and we've upstreamed an impressive 1.5 patches a day on average. The deviation from the time line which we predicted end of 2015 is still on a relatively small margin of less than 20 percent.

We'd like to express our gratitude to the RTL project Members who provided the funding for the past two years, so we were able to work with five engineers full time on interesting, challenging and sometimes mind boggling problems.

As things stand for 2018 the funding will be reduced, so we expect to reduce the number of developers accordingly to something between three and four. That will have significant impact on the time line and postpone the final merge of RT by a not yet determined amount of time. I can't tell how much at the moment as this would be pure speculation (pun intended).

Nevertheless, we're starting into 2018 with vigor and the vision of making as much progress towards mainlining RT as possible.

Thomas & RTL developer team

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