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Synchronizing Linux clock and Fieldbus-Controllers

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 • 9:10 - 9:40


Fieldbus controllers for Ethernet based fieldbuses often have their own clock integrated. This clock is not related to the clock of the operating system and triggers the communication on the fieldbus. Thus, the time domain of the operating system is different to the time domain of the fieldbus. As a result, control loops in software cannot rely on the clock of the operating system. They must operate synchronously to the clock of the fieldbus, but for software only the clock of the operating system is available. This talk introduces a solution for this problem and discusses its properties.


People interested in real-time communication, Linux clocks, time synchronization, fieldbuses and Time Sensitive Networking (TSN).


Gerhard Engleder, Keba GmbH

Gerhard Engleder is working as senior software engineer at KEBA. He is responsible for the Linux operating system used in KEBA products. Before that he worked on Ethernet based fieldbuses. He is interested in real-time communication and time synchronization.

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