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Reporting a bug

PREEMPT_RT specific bugs can be reported either on the linux-rt-users mailinglist or using the Linux kernel bug tracker.

... on the linux-rt-users mailing list

Have a look at "Mailing lists" for more linux-rt-users mailing list information.

Please add at least the following information to your bug report:

  • Kernel version
  • CPU architecture
  • Platform description
  • Detailed description of the bug
  • Stack traces if you can capture them from dmesg or serial console
  • Steps to reproduce the bug
  • If you already fixed the problem in the code, see "Submitting Patches"

... using the Linux kernel bug tracker

Log into the Linux kernel bugzilla. If you don't have an account, you can create one here.

Please check first whether your problem has been reported already to avoid duplicate bug reports. If you find a matching entry select that and enter additional information if possible. Add your email address to the bug entry so you get notified about updates.

If your bug is new go to the bug reporting page and select “Alternate Trees” as product and “rt” as component. Fill in the remaining fields with the details of your problem. Please check the guidelines for bug reporting.

For more detailed information about using bugzilla, please have a look at "Using Bugzilla".

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