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I'm going to profile the HowTo. I think with the results we will see which steps are most time-consuming, and thus we'll know where we can help most effectively. I'll also take into account which steps could be automated and which not.

I'll try to write down the steps such a way, so that we can see which steps are repetitive, which steps take longer and which are quickly done. I'll omit all explanations here, please take a look to the HowTo itself if you don't understand what I'm doing here.

HowTo Profile

Basic Steps Before You Start A

Identify the patent priority A.1

Look up the patent at USPTO Patent Search (or European Patent Search)

  • etc
  • 5 minutes for searching
  • 5 minutes for downloading, saving and printing

If you know the patent-number, this could be completely automated

Try to understand the patent - point out the novelty A.2

very depending on the patent and you. You should not hurry here!

  • etc
  • 30 minutes - 5 hours

no automation possible

  • etc
  • can be very timeconsuming, 30 minutes - days, mostly depending on how much you can find (the less the longer it will take)

no automation possible, havily depends on who does this. Possible aids are: Tools to aid your search, Osapa:Publication Categorization, Osapa:Request for Prior Art Mailinglist and Osapa:Tagging Prototype

Create a list B.2

depending on how much categories you found

  • etc
  • selecting, rating, notating link, 5 minutes each
  • determine publication date, 10 minutes each

could be partly automated, especially determining the publication date can be aided with Prior Art meta-search engine

Verify selected Projects C

Verify that the implementation / description is older than the Priority-Date C.1

  • etc
  • 10-30 minutes each, seldom longer

can be aided with Prior Art meta-search engine and Prior Art meta-search engine

Verify that it really implemented or described the patent C.2

  • etc
  • mostly depends on the patent itself as well as the documentation of the project, 1hour - 1day each

no automation possible

HowTo profile summary

A.1();                     // 10 minutes            -- partly automation possible
A.2();                     // 30 minutes to 5 hours -- no aid possible
list1 = B.1();             // 30 minutes to days    -- partly automation possible
foreach( list1 )
   list2 += B.2();         // 15 minutes            -- partly automation possible
foreach( list2)
   C.1();                  // 10 - 30 minutes       -- partly automation possible
   C.2();                  // 1 hour to days        -- no automation possible
  • A.1
  • makes no sense to automate this

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