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This might become a mailinglist where you can ask for assoziations to specific patents. So more people might help you to find appropriate starting-points for your Prior Art research.

You won't get legal advice here, so please don't ask for it!

How this should be done

I suggest that mail to this list can only be sent through a special form. A mail would consist of the following data:


Own summary (as described in our HowTo, with a maximum of 1000 chars!)

Original Abstract or 1. claim

Own assoziations


We then could automatically check if Patent-No and Priority-Date really match, to make sure the requestee really read through (at least the header) of a patent.

The mail should also contain a link to give answers. All answers to specific patents will be archived together, so everybody can come back here anytime later.

You may also choose if you want to be informed by mail on new answers on specific patents or not. (If not you will only receive Requests for Prior Art)

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