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OpenPrinting Working Group


Standardizing on a Scalable Print Environment in *nix, a workgroup of The Linux Foundation

Mission Statement


The goal of the OpenPrinting workgroup is to develop and promote a set of standards that will address the complete printing needs of embedded, mobile, desktop, enterprise, and production environments, including management, reliability, security, scalability, printer feature access and network accessibility. We also develop new technologies about printing, add printing standards to the LSB, and run the OpenPrinting printer and driver compatibility database. We work together with printing hardware manufacturers, operating system vendors, printing system, printer driver, and desktop application developers to make printing “just work”.

Invitation to Participate


Anyone wishing to participate in the OpenPrinting project either as an observer or as a contributor should join one of the mailing lists. There are no fees for participation. Occassional face-to-face meetings are held in conjunction with the Linux Foundation and the PWG. See the Meeting Info page for events which have taken place or will take place soon. There are also links to slides and materials.

Future meeting plans are an OpenPrinting Summit every year in spring and also smaller meetings as needed.\\

Next meeting: OpenPrinting Summit together with the PWG Meeting at Apple in Cupertino, CA, May 14-17, 2013



Mailing Lists


To implement our current projects we need a lot of man power. Therefore we need coding volunteers and funding sponsors. We appreciate your help. Please contact us through our mailing lists or contact the people mentioned with each project on our project page.


We are also participating every year in the Google Summer of Code as part of the Linux Foundation and there various students have brought our projects forward.

We are working together with Linux distributions to get our work applied. Here are three Ubuntu Blueprints for integration of OpenPrinting projects:

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