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  • To create an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows applications to interact with a print service or print services in a service and/or protocol independent manner.


  • We have agreement on v1.0 functionality. Final edits have been made.

Operating Methodology

  • All work on this specification is done through the use of the [1].

Current Specification


PAPI implementation by Sun

  • Development work on implementations of this API has been in progress as the specification has been developed. Current implementation support for interacting with the following is available:
    • RFC-1179 based print services
    • IPP based print services
    • CUPS Funding for ESP to implement PAPI in CUPS or contributors are needed
    • Solaris LP (bundled in Solaris 9u6 and later)

Additionally, the following applications have been developed or modified to be able to make use of the PAPI for print service interaction:

  • BSD Print Commands
    • lpr, lpq, lprm, lpc
  • SysV Print Commands
    • lp, lpstat, cancel, accept, reject, enable, disable
  • Protocol Listeners
    • in.lpd (rfc-1179), Apache/ (IPP/1.1 protocol handler)


  • TBA


  • Norm Jacobs (Editor)
  • Alan Hlava
  • Michael Sweet
  • Ira McDonald
  • Glen Petrie
  • and several others

Mailing List

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