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There are a wide range of tools available for measuring network performance. Common ones are:

  • n-u-t-t-c-p great successor to ttcp.
  • nttcp An improved version of the popular ttcp program.
  • ISIC is a suite of utilities to exercise the stability of an IP Stack and its component stacks (TCP, UDP, ICMP et. al.)
  • curl-loader application traffic generation (HTTP/S, FTP/S), loading and testing tool
  • netutils-linux - a suite of utilities simplilfying linux networking stack performance troubleshooting and tuning.


Also of interest are common network application benchmarks such as:

  • netbench 
  • Windows file server benchmark develped by Veritest and used by PC MagazineRedgage LLC.
    It has been discontinued but you can download the client here.
  • nfsstone 
  • NFS benchmark available at Gelato@UNSW
  • specweb 
  • Web server benchmark. Original SpecWeb99 is replaced by SpecWeb2005.
    This is a commercial benchmark that costs $1200/$300 and has reporting restrictions.
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