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2012 GSoC Driver Backports

**Driver Backport review**

This page documents GSoC project ideas for Linux kernel backporting work. The Linux kernel functionality from future kernels are backported to older kernels through compat. Some subsystems tend to have their own backport work as independent projects. We should be able to unify backport work as much as possible through a unified framework possible and allow users to select which parts they want to compile for their target kernel. When providing backport work we also should prioritize working properly upstream. As it is right now there are two known backport frameworks that exist:

  • Compat-wireless: for 802.11, Bluetooth and Ethernet
  • ALSA - backport work for sound subsystem
  • Anything else?

Project idea

Take any modern 3d video driver and integrate it into a backport framework (Luis is willing to mentor on using compat-wireless) and add support for backporting it from linux-next.git down to all known supported kernel releases listed on (2.6.27 today)

Mentors available

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