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2015 GSoC Driver Backports

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Mailing list

Join the kernel backports mailing list:

Introduce yourself there and express your interest if you like. You can either chime in with your own ideas or pick one of the ones below.


We're on Freenode:

IRC server:

Channel: #kernel-backports

Drop in and introduce yourself and feel free to also socialize your ideas there or feel free to just ask any questions.

**Linux kernel backports review**

This page documents GSoC project ideas for Linux kernel backportings effort. The Linux kernel functionality from future kernels are backported to older kernels through backports. Some subsystems tend to have their own backport work as independent projects. We should be able to unify backport work as much as possible through a unified framework and allow users to select which parts they want to compile for their target kernel. When providing backport work we also should prioritize working properly upstream. 

Project ideas

  • See our TODO page for current things which you can consider taking on

Mentors available

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