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LSB Documentation Resources

The LSB workgroup provides the following documentation resources:


The official home of the LSB specification is the Linux Foundation's Reference Specifications site.

For Application Developers

There are four essential steps to making applications as portable as possible across various Linux distributions.

  • Learn About Portability, and what it really means for the application developer.
  • Check Your App  to learn just where your application stands as a portable app. Does it need a lot of work, or just a little tweaking? Here you will find the tools and guidelines to discover the portability of your application.
  • Make Your App Portable and start taking the steps to maximize its portability. Find out how in this section.
  • Moving Forward with the LSB will demonstrate the next step: what to do after your application is as portable as you wish. There's a lot of paths to take to get your application to the widest user base, and this section will show you how!

The LSB Navigator provides application developers with a comprehensive database of the Linux platform, including information on interfaces and commands, the state of Linux distributions currently and over time, and compatibility of various popular Linux applications with the LSB and Linux distributions.

Other articles of interest to application developers:

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