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Check Your App

However you want to improve your application, through maximizing portability or full LSB certification, the first step on the journey is determining the status of your application. Specifically, how portable is it now?

To help accomplish this, the Linux Developer Network is providing a great tool to help you see just how portable your current application is; even how close it is to the LSB standard already.

  • All About the Linux Application Checker highlights the features of this fantastic new tool developed by the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Linux Foundation that leverages the work of the Linux Standard Base workgroup to help software developers target Linux.


  • The Getting Started guide demonstrates how to install and implement the Linux Application Checker on your own applications' source code to see just where the app is in terms on the application portability continuum.



  • The LSB Database Navigator is the web front end to the LSB database.  It allows you to browse and search the data in the database, and presents it in a way that makes it useful for application developers.


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