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Mentorship can be life changing!

A former mentee says “My System Administration work was great, but I loved coding and I was very interested in learning Linux from the code perspective, to see how this magic worked from the inside. At the time, being a part of an open source community seemed almost impossible. In reality, I thought that Linux is so complex and community is so well guarded, and I had no chance to start working on it.” When she came across a mentorship opportunity she signed on and completed the program while working part-time. She said “This was one of the most memorable 3 months of my life. I really enjoyed it and at the same time, I was very challenged! I did not finish the project during the 3 months allocated, it appeared that coding for large open source project has many facets, but I learned a lot.”

Another former mentee shared her experience saying “I learned how to engage with the open source community. With the guidance and feedback I received from kernel maintainers, I asked for help without feeling ashamed, gained hands-on experience on tools, understood the patch submission process, and created a portfolio online. My internship experience led to career opportunities and expanded my network in weeks.”

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