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These guidelines should help you to get more easily accustomed to the community standards we follow here.

New Users

  • Everyone can read the pages, unless they've been specially marked (sometimes used for pages in early development). Pages should have a linked comment sub-page where everyone can add their comments
  • You can tell if you can modify a page by the presence of an Edit link (otherwise they say Immutable Page).
  • To create an account, set your User Preferences (see RealNamesPlease) by clicking on the Login link, filling in the fields, and clicking Create Profile. If you don't see a Login, and instead see your name and UserPreferences, then you have an account and are already logged in.
  • Creating an account will allow you to receive notification by email if interesting pages change. You can click on Subscribe on individual pages, or add a regular expression to match the pages in your UserPreferences.

New Writers

  • Once you have an account, ask someone in LsbGroup to add you to the list of editors.
  • You must log in to be able to edit the restricted pages.
  • It's a good idea to Subscribe to pages you write or edit significantly, so you find out when others change those pages.
  • If useful comments have been made on comment subpages, they should eventually be folded into the parent page.

Access Control

  • The default page setup limits editing to LsbGroup members. This is done as a deterrent to random defacement, not to keep others from adding to the wiki. Thus...
  • A generally editable subpage allowing for comments by anyone should be tacked onto most pages. The easiest way to make this happen is to use the LsbWikiTemplate when creating the page.
  • If you forgot to use the template for a page which should have a comment subpage, edit it and add lines like this at the end of the page (substitute the current page name for

---- [wiki:[[FooPage]]/Comments User Comments] [[Include([[FooPage]]/Comments)]]

  • To create the comment subpage, click on the comments link you just added and select the LsbCommentTemplate to create the subpage.
  • Edit the comment subpage as needed. If you forgot to use the template, make the comment subpage world-writable by starting it with this line:
  • Sometimes you want to keep a new page private for a bit while it evolves. You can do that by starting with this (but change it later, it's a Wiki, and should be accessible!). Remember to leave your self access rights or this change will render the page useless:
  • You only need the acl line if you don't want the default permissions, which are world-read, LsbGroup write.