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Assorted comments and experiences with LSB 3.2 testing. Note that comments about possible waivers are to be considered informal; the way to get a waiver granted is to file a problem report through the certification system. For instructions on installing and running the tests, please see these instructions from ISPRAS.

Note on maintaining this page: start by pasting test results from a given system which has an unknown failure. As analysis proceeds, migrate those raw results into an explanation; don't remove the problems. The idea is to have an in informal log of problems people might run into.

If you need more of a scratch page for collecting specific items from this page for items that need resolving, please use TestPilot32/Unresolved. However, please keep a record here in TestPilot32 of final actions taken.

Beta Process Links

We have separate pages for some 3.2 beta results:

Library Checker (lsblibchk)

libstdc++.so.6 2926 	Failed 	
libstdc++.so.6 2939 	Failed 	
libstdc++.so.6 3004 	Failed 	
libstdc++.so.6 3017 	Failed 	
libstdc++.so.6 3030 	Failed 	
libstdc++.so.6 3043 	Failed 	

See bug 1890. In short, this is a short-lived bug in libstdc++6, which unfortunately got pulled into some distributions. To date, we know that Mandriva 2008 and Ubuntu 7.10 ("gutsy") fall prey to this bug.


GTK+ tests

/tests/functions/GdkImages/GdkImages 2 	Failed 	

Bug 1893

/tests/functions/GtkToolbar/GtkToolbar 15 	Failed 	

Bug 1895

/tests/functions/GtkWindow/GtkWindow 127 	Failed 	
/tests/functions/GtkWindow/GtkWindow 128 	Failed 	
/tests/functions/GtkWindow/GtkWindow 129 	Failed 	

Bug 1901 - Tests may be fixed


../ext/B/t/concise-xs.t 703 FAIL

Bug 1889.

../lib/CGI/t/function.t 246 FAIL

Mandriva ships a different CGI from CPAN with different behavior, which causes this failure.


/testfoomaticrip/testfoomaticrip 13 	Failed 	


/tset/Xlib17/gtdflt/Test 5 	Failed 	Appears in multiple distros

Bug 1915

/tset/Xlib15/gtwmnrmlhn/Test 1 FAIL     Appears in several distros with newer libX11
/tset/Xlib15/gtwmszhnts/Test 1 FAIL
/tset/Xlib15/stwmnrmlhn/Test 1 FAIL
/tset/Xlib15/stwmprprts/Test 4 FAIL
/tset/Xlib15/stwmszhnts/Test 1 FAIL

Bug 1906