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The Free Standards Group submitted the Core Linux Standard Base v 2.0.1 for transposition to International Standard via the Publicly Available Specification process last year. The DIS ballot closed 2005-05-10. Further details of the ballot are in IsoBallot.

The ballot resolution group met in Singapore, August 29-31. All of the comments submitted were addressed, and a draft disposition of comments document prepared.

The three negative votes (UK, Japan, and Canada) all indicated that their key issues were satisfactorily addressed, and reversed their no votes to yes. This means that we have 100% YES, 0% no ... as rarely achieved level of consensus.

The Disposition of Comments will be published by Sep 30, and the final draft of the ISO document should be ready to be sent to the SC 22 secretariat, and thence to ISO, by mid-October.

All comments on this process should be addressed to Nick Stoughton (nick at