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LSB Winter 2005 Face to Face Meeting

Time and Place

December 6,7,8 2005. Daily 9am-5pm US-Pacific time. BR Intel Jones Farm Campus BR 2111 NE 25th Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97124

Meeting is in conference room JF3-210. The room phone number is 503 264 3210. All non-Intel personnel will need to be escorted. If you arrive and there is no one around, call the room from the security desk. Sign up here On Tuesday, meet in the lobby of JFCC (same as last meeting) at 8:45 for security checkin so we can get to setup and start on time

The Jones Farm Conference Center (JFCC) is in the center of the northern side of the campus, between JF3 and JF4 (signs will guide you). Here's a link for a Mapquest map, if it doesn't work (seems to bug the wiki intermittently), just do your own search using the above address.

The regular LSB Workgroup conference call number will be open for callins during the meeting (see various lsb-wg postings for details), and we'll be on the irc channel.

Preliminary Agenda

  • ISO Defect resolution process - Nick
  • LSB Desktop checklist - Rajesh
  • LSB 3.1 plans, status, checklist - Mats
  • LSB 4.0 Roadmap - Ian
  • Mangeability study group report out and proposed mission statement - Art


Time Main Breakout
0900 Welcome/Status
1000 LSB 4.0 Roadmap
1100 LSB 4.0 Roadmap
1200 Lunch Lunch
1300 Jim Zemlin / FSG (90 mins)
1400 Desktop spec issues resolution
1500 Desktop spec issues resolution
1600 Desktop spec issues resolution ISO defect process / CESI Certification

Dinner 1800


People facing camera L-R: Scott Collins, Nick Stoughton, Mats Wichmann, Jim Zemlin, Matt Taggart


People facing camera R-L: Shala Arshi, Rajesh Gadiyar, Jeff Licquia, Ian Murdock


L-R: Rajesh Banginwar, Nilesh Jain, Marvin Heffler


L-R: Ian Murdock, Jeff Licquia


R-L: Matt Taggard, Jim Zemlin


Time Main Breakout
0900 Desktop tests readiness New Member Training
1000 Desktop tests integration
1100 Desktop tests integration
1200 Lunch Lunch
1300 Dev tools readiness C++ bug resolution
1400 Dev tools and SI C++ bug resolution
1500 Desktop checklist C++ bug resolution
1600 Desktop checklist Election Committee Meeting
1700 Steering Committee Mtg


Time Main Breakout
0900 LSB Futures
1000 LSB 3.1 Full release checklist
1100 LSB 3.1 Full release checklist
1200 Lunch Lunch
1300 Mangeability study group
1400 Future Meeting plans

Estimated closing time 1500 based on expectation of people needing to catch transportation out. We usually have enough work to go longer, so if nobody needs to leave early we may be able to extend. We'll decide that during the opening session on Tuesday.


in progress

Todd Fujinaka, Marvin Hefflre, Mats Wichmann, Matt Taggart, Michael Qiu, Yong Wang, Rajesh Banginwar, Nilesh Jain, Scott Collins, Steven Vandor, Nick Stoughton, Ian Murdock, Jeff Licquia, Jim Zemlin

By phone/IRC: Pradosh Adoni, Vinay Pawar

Configuration issues: how to release the pieces that make up desktop. Consent list updated: separate modules for xml, gtk, qt, graphics-extension. This is an engineering-level distinction, at the certification level there will still be just a single "desktop" entity.


There are no scheduled commercial flights to Hillsboro/Portland airport (sadly, since it's across the street!). Delegates will probably want to fly into Portland International Airport (PDX). Note: Portland has become a "tough ticket" - demand exeeds capacity on most common routes. Book early or your travel budget will regret it!!!

Other options are to look for flights to Seattle or Eugene (Oregon), there are fairly frequent shuttle flights from both to Portland.

The train also works from Seattle.


The map shows nearby hotels. The Intel Jones Farm campus is just to the west of the airport.

Hotel Reviews

Some people will be staying at the Marriott Courtyard, a Residence Inn is next door.. The Springhill is nice but higher priced - a bit closer. Nearby that is the Townplace, lower than the Springhill, higher than the Courtyard; less services and only continental breakfast, but quite nice. Many people have stayed at the Red Lion, with some concern about the food service.

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