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Session leader(s):

  • Till Kamppeter
  • Ira McDonald


  • Glen Petrie (Epson)
  • George Liu (Ricoh)
  • Christopher Story (Ricoh)
  • Naruhiko Ogasawara (Ricoh)
  • Evaristo Galamay (Ricoh)
  • Uli Wehner (Lanier)
  • David Suffield (HP)
  • Woo-Seong Yang (Samsung)
  • Toratani (Canon)
  • Koji Otani (BBR Inc)
  • Wendy Phillips (Sun)

Discussion Points

Discussed the problems which DAM-4 attendees posted on cards in the session for deciding which breakouts should take place:

Printer vendors only make packages for a few major distros

  • Distributions all different, separate testing, support needed
  • Lack of common print pipeline
  • Distro-independent LSB driver packages

Detecting capabilities of printers on-the-fly

  • No standard method (SNMP network-only, MIBs, PJL, ...)
  • No common criteria
  • Maybe extending PPD?

Printer support should integrate better with scanner support (driver, install, multi-function) - Scanner part cannot be 2nd class

  • WIP in PWG
  • SANE into LSB 3.2

User should not have to compile printer driver

  • See first card

Printers should look up printer drivers from a common source

  • OpenPrinting database

Distros do not ship all available drivers

  • Should ship all drivers for environments without internet access
  • Distro Issue
  • De-facto standard OpenPrinting database
  • Automatization with OpenPrinting database query API

Common printing dialog (framework)

  • Underway
  • Extensibility
    • Application
    • Printer vendor/driver
    • Printing system/distro