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Open A11y Working Group Conference Call (10 June 2008)


  • Janina Sajka (JS/chair)
    • Stew Benedict (SB)
    • Pete Brunet (PB)
    • Mark Doffman (MD)
    • Mike Gorse (MG)
    • Brian Merrell (BM)
    • Gregory J. Rosmaita (GJR/scribe)
    • Gunnar Schmi-DT (GS)
      • regrets: none logged

For Reference

Preliminary Items

Approval of Past Minutes

  • Minutes from 3 June 2008 Open A11y Call
    • due to human error on the part of GJR, the bulk of the minutes from the 3 June 2008 call were not posted to the wiki; they will be added by GJR as soon as possible and a request for review of the D-Bus conversation will be sent to the main accessibility emailing list
    • approval postponed until next meeting
      • apologies

Meeting Minutes

Note: These minutes have not yet been finalized.

Topic 1: IAccessible2 RFC Update

JS: IAccessible2 RFC announcement run past Amanda McPherson (communications director for the Linux Foundation); incorporated her feedback; posted to a number of targeted emailing lists and targeted individuals; also announcement in Open Accessibility news (

PB: thanks to JS for all her work -- no feedback yet -- RFC ends 30 June 2008

GJR: working on converting doxygen to XHTML 1.0 Strict

JS: please spread the word to any interested parties

Topic 2: D-Bus Port Update

JS: update on timelines and on what tests might involve

MD: haven't been in touch yet with Russian institute about timeline discussed last week; will post to accessibility list when get info on timeline

MG: working on it - test program that was part of original Cspy code - not all kept up to date (various states of revision) but some useful; converted subset of Cspy and trying to test and bugfix what i've done so far; nothing useable yet, but hopefully will have something to report at next meeting

MD: trying to put test suite together using python instead; hard-going, slow work; 5 weeks more work before need to get more funding; hopefully have something to play with in 5 weeks time

MD: still have issue of what format d-bus specification will be in -- don't think will be settled in 5 weeks; coding to point where useful, but specification issue will probably take longer than 5 weeks

JS: hiatus in meetings coming at a good time (next Open A11y telecon 1 July 2008)

JS: comments or questions?

JS: other topics for today?