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Open A11y Working Group Conference Call (15 April 2008)


  • Janina Sajka (JS/chair)

Preliminary Items

Agenda Review/New Business

Approval of Past Minutes

approved as submitted without objection

Meeting Minutes

Report-back from Linux collaboration summit

JS: Had conversations related to AIA, how comfortable we may be relating to AIA, differences between open-source licenses and what we're seeing on the AIA page. PB and JS attended a session on IPR issues. Had conversation with Andy Updegrove, Linux Foundation attorney. Brought him up to speed on AIA. Forwarded UIA promise to him. It is somewhat different from the [ other Microsoft community promise]. Also forwarded Olaf's concerns. Proposed us having a conversation with Andy. Andy may want to suggest that we're being excessively cautious; was talking about this in the IPR session, noting that the Linux Foundation duck the question of compatibility with the GPL. Andy is not particularly concerned about that, but will let him explain the reasons. Would like to invite him to a meeting next week or the following. Contacted Rob Sinclair (accessibility team lead at Microsoft); suggested that we appreciate their opening up their licensing but quite a few of us want them to go a little bit further to have something that we could work with; important for us not to sacrifice our principles that have been in place for a long time. Summarized the issues as two-fold: issues with governance in AIA (would like it to be more representative in their board and steering committees; currently seems MS-hand-picked), and talked in greater detail about the licenses.

JS: concerned about the minimum level of implementation in the community promise. Would seem that, in a GPL/LGPL-oriented OS environment, you're welcome to take 1 line or a million lines from the kernel; you can borrow what you want.

PB: Was an Open AIA meeting last December; same issues came up there.

JS: Activity in Linux-based mobile environment. Linux is used to develop anything from mini-type laptops (with a full qwerty keyboard), PDAs (usually not having a QWERTY keyboard), mid-level phones (which might have features like instant messaging). Presentation from Google on Android, Limo, Moko, several others. With the exception of Android, all of them are based on GTK2. All of them are using D-Bus. Android is spinning its own architecture. Being developed as Google's closed project until 1.0, then will open the code. IDC projecting that, by 2012, 50% of all handsets will be Linux-based.

OS: asked about cooperation from Nokia, since they're buying Trolltech

JS: There was someone from Trolltech, but didn't make a presentation. No news on accessibility

SB: There were two Trolltech guys involved in the LSB sessions, but didn't pick up any conversation regarding phone applications

JS: George Kraft was there when Keith Packard was there, talking about doing video better, moving infrastructure down to the kernel so that we could drive multiple devices more readily (i.e., launch two different X sessions). Implications for magnification.

PB: Would like to invite Karen Copenhaver along with Andy; chaired the lawyers' panel with developers present on IPR issues. Did press them for a formal IPR policy. Statement was that they support the GPL/LGPL type of license.

PB: IA2 meeting in two hours; has a full agenda; hoping to get enough participation to proceed

Open Action Items

  • ACTION JS: Set up meeting with Linux Foundation legal experts, with AIA
  • ACTION PB: Get a testing proposal finished to test ATK. Would like this done before the DBus migration is cimplete. Pete Brunet will talk to Ariel to ask if he can help with it. Setting up a meeting between PeteB, Willie Walker, perhaps Eitan Isaacson and Janina.

WW: There is a GNOME accessibility project on testing. Also invite David Bolter; he is a judge in the accessibility program.

JS: Keyboard accessibility would benefit from some testing as well.

JS: Perhaps invite Peter Perente as well; would extend an invitation to him if he is interested

PB: Peter is busy with web 2.0 stuff at IBM