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Open A11y Working Group Conference Call (29 January 2008)


  • Janina Sajka (JS/chair)
    • Stew Benedict (SB)
    • Pete Brunet (PB)
    • Mick Curran (MC)
    • Gunnar Schmidt (GS)
    • Olaf Schmidt (OS)
    • Gregory J. Rosmaita (GJR/scribe)
    • Willie Walker (WW)
      • regrets: none yet logged

For Reference

Preliminary Items

Approval of Past Minutes

Action Items Status Review

Summary of Action Items Assigned at the 2008-01-29 Open A11y Conference Call

none logged

Meeting Minutes

New Items & Announcements

JS: big news this week is that Trolltech is being acquired by Nokia

JS: should we postpone the scheduled D-Bus conversation?

(scribe's note: agreement that critical mass for D-Bus not achieved)

WW: overloaded so if the WG doesn't mind, and with no disrespect, i need to drop off

JS: next week will feature a presentation from the [[Accessibility/Handlers|Expert Handlers SIG -- probably not possible to discuss D-Bus until 12 February 2008 Open Accessibility call

WW: probably won't be able to make a call until 12 February 2008

JS: investigating possibilities around arranging a face2face meeting at CSUN2008; please discuss possible agenda items on list;

ATK/AT-SPI Subsite Update

SB: third paragraph last sentence -- what is trolltech doing in respect to AT-SPI

OS: don't know exact plans now bought by nokia -- trolltech started to create D-Bus variant of AT-SPI -- committed to stick to AT-SPI API rather than reinvent the wheel; not active in recent D-Bus investigation, but hoping that in the near future will have more funding for accessibility; press statements from Nokia and Trolltech and impressions, stress that nokia wants to spend more money on Qt than Trolltech in past; dedicated to preserving mimo (based on gtk); interoperability initiative, getting AT-SPI on D-Bus will

OS: don't know if can say Trolltech work can be called completely toolkit neutral -- intention and can function but not 100% closer to gtk rather than Qt

JS: reflection of reality -- we don't claim perfection, but we are working towards it -- emphasize that that is what Open A11y is about and persuing; meaning we've used

OS: wondering if should say "in a tool-kit neutral way"

scribe's note: GJR and OS negotiate verbiage with the advice and counsel of all the other participants on the call; the updated ATK/AT-SPI SIG main page and the ATK/AT-SPI Overview page reflect this consensus

New Business

Request for Advice from Open Document Formats' Accessibility Committee

JS: the issue that percolated up to us from ODF a11y subcomittee -- would like to type calander entries -- if have a date, are you expressing it "Gregorian", "Julian", etc. -- need syntax for doing that; thought is that the solution is likely to be used widely outside of ODF in wider standards development community

JS: date:gregorian and date:julian

GJR: should check RDFa and [ Dublin Core] markup to ascertain if issue already addressed

ACTION GJR: investigate date:FOO syntax in RDFa and Dublin Core

Open Accessibility Membership Issues

JS: bigger issue -- clearer sense of membership in Open A11y for couple of reasons:

  1. useful to promote efforts to show currently active participants
  2. here is list of activities at the moment
  3. here are our archives, and mailing list

JS: done membership counting in the past when time to elect officers; there is a php application that allowed members to register, but i don't want to keep the points system, because it presumes that the participant is already participating; the points can be kept for voting purposes, but we should be more open as to who supports our efforts, who is participating in them, and who wants to be listed as participants

PB: Linux Foundation membership page -- lists a wide category of members, and there are Linux Foundation bylaws to consider

JS: bound to those dependencies because Open A11y is part of the LF, but can expand upon them for our purposes; would particularly like to list the active members in each activity on a single page

PB: for voting, membership from those active in group -- what is process when vote to go to ISO -- is there a document describing how things move in submission?

JS: not in Open A11y

SB: no specific document -- had to work on language when submitted LSB to ISO

PB: voting process? each member a vote, each entity a vote?

SB: believe LF membership voted on it, but can't remember details

PB: would there be people voting on Open A11y specifications in wider LF?

GJR: my understanding is that Open A11y formally approves an item then submits to LF;

JS: LF should then come to us with issues/concerns and negotiate them; always insisted and assumed would be expertise on accessibility and appropriateness of standards; conflict other than engineering

PB: political issues could be a concern...

JS: been dancing around that term, but it is a concern

JS: we would need to know whether any of the members are active in the accessibility arena, and if not directly, with whom in that company would they talk to about accessibility issues?

Identify Topics for 5 February 2008 Teleconference

NOTE: The main topic at the 5 February 2008 Open A11y conference call will be a presentation and discussion of the Expert Handlers SIG's Unified Expert Handlers Use Cases document.

Wrap Up

Summary of New Action Items

ACTION GJR: investigate date:FOO syntax in RDFa and Dublin Core

Summary of Continued Action Items

  • none

Summary of Resolutions

  1. the minutes from the 22 January 2008 Open A11y Call were approved without objection
  2. ATK/AT-SPI SIG's "Mission Statement" approved
  3. ATK/AT-SPI SIG Overview page text approved