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Open A11y Expert Handlers SIG Conference Call 2008/01/28


  • Neil Soiffer (NS/chair)
    • Pete Brunet (PB)
    • Vladmir Bulatov (VB)
    • Gregory J. Rosmaita (GJR/scribe)
    • Janina Sajka (JS)
      • regrets: none yet logged

Agenda Review

Approval of Last Meeting's Minutes

Minutes of Expert Handlers Conference Call 2008/01/28

Finalizing the Unified Use Cases and Flow of Control Draft

For Reference:

Neil Soiffer's comments on draft 2.03 (2008-01-28):

  • In the intro, I think we need to say something about why MSAA and IA2 don't solve the problem. I know people who think the expert handler should be part of IA2. I propose a first paragraph in the intro along the lines of:
    • MSAA and IA2 provide access to an application's DOM. This allows AT to access allow the information in the DOM. These standards provide access to textual information, images, and also markup that encodes information that might be domain or application specific. Interpreting, displaying, and navigating the information is the responsibility of the AT; the responsibility of MSAA and IA2 is to provide AT access to the information.
  • To match this, I would change the existing first line to be
    • AT typically handles generalized content markup (such as HTML). Generalized markup is sometimes complimented by markup specifications that facilitate more semantically precise content markup.
  • Orthographic Errors and Syntaxic Considerations
    • Should "expert handler" be capitalized?
    • in liue -> in lieu
    • I think "Context aware" is supposed to be hyphenated.
    • "e.g. a browser, the AT, and the plugin/handler" -> "e.g. a browser, the AT, and the expert handler"
    • "a handler needs to be used by the AT" -> "an expert handler needs to be used by the AT"
    • extra spaces before after bulleted list in Navigability Use Cases?
    • "The most obvious use of magnification" -> "A common use of magnification"
    • "There will also need to be a method" -> "There also needs to be a method"
    • "An example is MathML:
    • there are many different braille codes" -> "An example is mathematics: there are many different braille codes"
    • "Another more universal approach" -> "A more universal approach"
    • "and needs tactilely displayed" -> "and needs to be tactilely displayed"
    • "This means, that..." -> "This means that..."
  • The following doesn't make sense:
    • An Expert Handler should also provide a means to allow a user to select a different type of braille conversion than that which is normally utilized by a user's refreshable braille display or a tactile graphic achieved via embossing or thermal printing.
      • Perhaps break into two sentences and make the second sentence list alternative conversions (embossing, thermal printing).

GJR: will effect case and spelling corrections in preparation for pushing Draft 2.04 to Open A11y wiki space; when draft finalized and obtains approval, will generate an XHTML 1.0 Strict static version of the document for reference and distribution.

GJR: thanks to Vladmir, Pete and Janina for their oral input

Timeline: Bringing the Unified Use Cases Draft to the main A11y Workgroup

JS: the next open slot to discuss the Unified Use Cases document with the main Open A11y will be Tuesday, 5 February 2008 -- that means we need to give some lead time for the main workgroup to review the document

NS: Vladmir, can you be here a week from tomorrow at the same time?

VB: yes

JS: purpose: get feedback (usually at least 1 AT at the tuesday meetings); ensure that our Use Cases are tight, on-target and to-the-point; thumbnail next steps; begin discussion of how one might implement expert handlers; get approval from main group and then begin to circulate

GJR: will post to the list when the latest draft (version 2.04) is ready, as well as proposed new text for Footnote 2 so that we can finalize on-list this week, and give others a chance (at least the weekend and following Monday) to read, absorb, and collect comments