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Open A11y Expert Handlers Committee Conference Call 2007/07/23

The discussion began with Janina's draft of a mission statement for the group. There was some word-smithing on the draft. In general it was accepted.

ACTION ITEM: Janina to post revised mission statement.

We discussed SVG and what ViewPlus does to make SVG accessible. They do not group the original SVG (typically), but instead impose another (transparent) layer over it. This means that parts are meaningful and parts are *not* meaningful.

Neil suggested backing up and asking what functionality we want to provide. We came up with the following list:

  • structure to synchronized speech
  • structure to braille
  • navigability, perhaps multiple levels of navigability
  • magnification, perhaps of parts of the structure in different proportions

There was some discussion of what music might need for navigation. Neil found the following URL that discusses various music markup languages: