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: v1.0 has been submitted for [http://www.freestandards.org/en/OpenPrinting OpenPrinting] acceptance
: v1.0 has been submitted for [[OpenPrinting]] acceptance
<h2>Operating Methodology</h2>
<h2>Operating Methodology</h2>
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<h2>Mailing List</h2>
<h2>Mailing List</h2>
: [mailto:printing-jobticket@lists.freestandards.org] to subscribe http://lists.freestandards.org/mailman/listinfo/printing-jobticket
: [mailto:printing-jobticket@lists.freestandards.org] to subscribe http://lists.linux-foundation.org/mailman/listinfo/printing-jobticket

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Provide an abstract interface for applications to read, edit, and write document processing job tickets.


v1.0 has been submitted for OpenPrinting acceptance

Operating Methodology

A brief description of how the workgroup communicates (weekly telecons, email, etc.) Ex: Work on this specification is done through the use of weekly teleconferences
Tuesdays, 12:00 PM PST
Access Code: 84974

Follow up communication is performed via email using the [1] email list.

Current Specification

JobTicket API (JTAPI) v1.0
JobTicket API Release Request


Template header files can be retreived from ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/fsg/jobticket/C_JTAPI_Code




  • Claudia Alimpich

  • Tom Hastings

  • Till Kamppeter

  • Harry Lewis

  • Ira McDonald

  • Glen Petrie

Mailing List

[2] to subscribe http://lists.linux-foundation.org/mailman/listinfo/printing-jobticket