KMP distribution, installation and status check

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Once backported drivers have been built into packages, these packages need to be distributed to the "sysadmin" so installation works as easy as possible for him.

While the Linux user doesn't care too much about different installation methods accross distributions and there is some happy coopetition in this, the hardware vendor techsupport would strongly prefer to have distro agnostic diagnostic tools to check the driver status.

Also, the system and component vendors would prefer to have some distro agnostic base format to maintain their KMPs in, that's why they currently have their distro agnostic own support packs, pro packs and update express packs.

And the distros prefer to have reliable hardware agnostic methods to autodetect the hardware that actually is in the system and are looking for a good way to autoconfigure the right drivers from that information.


  • wrapping KMPs into a bundle
  • providing the bundle to customers
  • degree and method of automation in 'selecting the right driver'
  • check wether 'the right drivers' are on this system

How is it currently done?


Fujitsu Siemens Computers



Red Hat



possible common solutions

who is working on this