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OpenChain Curriculum

The OpenChain Curriculum is designed to help organizations meet the training and process requirements of the OpenChain Specification.

Current Release

Release 2 of the slides is available now under CC-0 licensing to allow everyone to use, study, share and improve the material.

The OpenChain Curriculum reference slides are available in several formats:

We also have a Korean translation of the Release 1 slides from November 2016 available in PDF and PowerPoint format:

More Information

There is a Frequently Asked Questions page explaining the OpenChain Curriculum.

Get Involved

Everyone is invited to participate via our OpenChain Curriculum Mailing List.

We are currently working on the Release 3 slides. These are actively edited and should not be used as part of your confirmation process for the OpenChain Specification. They are scheduled for release around Q2 2017.

Our Meeting and Development Notes

2017/1/17 Linux Foundation Open Source Leadership Summit, Lake Tahoe

We are now getting very close to closing the Release 3 Slides. You can check out our progress here:!AsXJVqby5kpnhjz7p9yryf8MJUPJ

Key additions: Slide 2: on-boarding to the deck. Slide 55: the Chapter 6 SME Checklists Slides 57-68: Simplified Chapter 6 enterprise process

TODO: (1) We need to simplify language on the slides. I am working on Chapter 1 and 2. Nathan is working on Chapter 3 and 4. Can anyone volunteer to assist with review of Chapter 5, 6 and 7? I believe Luis is already assisting on some slides and indeed I just saw he editing online. Hurry, everyone else, don’t miss your chance! (2) We came to consensus that Chapter 8 - developer guidelines - should sync with the Linux Foundation practical GPL compliance for developers free course. Karen (in CC) has volunteered to help have a look at the slides and ensure fit.

We additionally came to consensus that: (1) The Release 3 slides will be synced to launch with the OpenChain Specification 1.1. This is currently scheduled for release on March 31st. (2) After Release 3 the Curriculum training slides will move to a yearly update cycle, reflecting that we have not only met our key goal of providing the foundation material for people to meet Section 1.2 of the OpenChain Specification, but that we have polished and refined the material over two generations to ensure usability.

In a nutshell, once we get these slides out, we will have accomplished another major milestone, and we can turn our attention to new curriculum material.

2017/1/17 meeting

Overview of the planned Q1 2017 activities:

  1. Add a “SME” checklist to Chapter 6 for small company compliance review
  2. Decide what to put in Chapter 8 for “Developer Guidelines”
  3. Review language throughout to simplify and improve clarity

2016/12/14 Linux Foundation Legal Summit, San Francisco

  • Launch of the OpenChain Release 2 reference slide deck.

This deck has the following improvements:

  1. There are slide notes for trainers throughout the material to make delivery easier.
  2. There are answers to the “Check Your Understanding” questions at the end of each chapter to assist with the creation of internal exams.
  3. The content of some slides has been adjusted to make things clearer and simpler.

2016/11/21 meeting

  • Slide notes in Chapters 1 and 2 complete. Chapters 3, 6 and 7 in work.
  • Call for help with “Check Your Understanding” slide notes in each chapter.
  • Nathan Kumagai, Hung Chang and Shane Coughlan volunteered to help.
  • December release now scheduled for 12/13, align with Linux Foundation Legal Summit.

Request for comment:

  1. There was consensus that the slides follow US law and statement on slide 1 is sufficient.
  2. Suggestion to include definitions of disjunctive and conjunctive in notes section.
  3. Will address complexity of Chapter 6 in 2017. Slide 52 will serve as placeholder.

2016/11/21 meeting

  1. We will seek to polish the Release 1 slides and push out the polished version as Release 2 in December 2016
  2. This will not be an extension of the existing slides, just a polish based on existing feedback contained in the slide notes
  3. It will be accompanied by a new version of the slide notes which will act as a “teacher’s handbook”

To action this:

  1. We will create an FAQ to help set a clear context for the OpenChain Curriculum slides
  2. We need to close off the existing slide notes - focused as they are on improvements to content - to allow further progress towards our projected December release
  3. Once the existing slide notes are closed, work will begin on new slide notes intended to act as our “teacher’s handbook”

2016/10/05 LinuxCon Europe meeting, Berlin

What is next for the OpenChain Curriculum?

At LinuxCon Europe we sat down and had a detailed discussion about what we are doing, where we are going, and what deliverables are needed.

Executive summary:

  • We need to create a FAQ for the curriculum
  • We need to create a “training handbook” for the slides
  • We need to integrate some comments and minor adjustments on the release slides
  • Our target for these improvements is a December 2016 release
  • Larger changes like expanding the slides will occur in 2017
  • We will open a mailing list for the Curriculum team to ensure we do not create too much traffic on this main list.
  • Our first translation is underway! Haksung Jang at LG Electronics has volunteered to translate our Release 1 slides to Korean.



We need to explain some items in a FAQ:

Q: What is this slide deck used for? A: This is a reference deck to meet OpenChain specification 1.0, requirement 1.2

Q: what is the audience? A: businesses who are shipping open source and audience software staff as defined in spec

Q: Length of training session A: meant to be given in half day

Q: What jurisdiction does the IP law section cover? A: US law for now

Q: Are these slides everything you need to be compliant with licenses? A: No, this is a reference deck

Q: How to contribute? (put both in FAQ and slide deck)

Q: What is scanning technology

Training Handbook

We decided to change the handbook for teachers into a simpler solution:

  • we will create expanded notes under each slide for trainers and
  • we will provide slide note reference answers to each of the “Check Your Understanding” questions.

This will also make it easier for Gary to eventually make an online quiz to support people directly using the reference deck.

Slide Adjustments
  • We need to resolve the existing comments in the Slide notes as our first action item.
  • We need to create a placeholder for localization for different jurisdictions. Our discussion was to leverage the IFOSS Law Book as one example of reference material.
  • We need to normalize the slide to US law and state this in slides. Jilayne has taken this as an action item. Thanks Jilayne!
  • We need to make one adjustment to Chapter 6: prior to the explanation of a large enterprise process we will add a slide to say “small businesses may just use a checklist, larger enterprises will have a detailed process. Here is an example of an enterprise process.”

Stuff pushed back to 2017:

  • Larger changes to Chapter 6 to make it more accessible.
  • Chapter 8 review and release.
  • We need to looking at other material to use / make OpenChain compliant. We agreed to start with existing Linux Foundation material available here:

2016/9/19 meeting

  1. OpenChain Curriculum Version 1 is now available. Thanks to everyone for their contributions as we iterated, with special thanks for large-scale revisions from Gary and exceptional review, adjustment and refinement from Nathan. Slide here:!AsXJVqby5kpnhjz7p9yryf8MJUPJ
  1. The slides are divided into 8 chapters with a “Check Your Understanding” at the end of each chapter
  1. The slides will be formally launched at LinuxCon Europe in October on the 5th and we will have a 90 minute deep dive on the content -Answers to “Check Your Understanding” will be expanded in a later “handbook” for trainers with a projected release date around December, with work on that starting during our October deep-dive in LinuxCon Europe -Discussion just opened with the Linux Foundation about hosting the “Check Your Understanding” questions and answers as a free online test in the future

Action item:

  1. There is now a general request for everyone to check the slides to ensure correct terminology or further simplification of language, with a deadline of 30th September for all changes, which may take the form of direct edits or just adding comments to the slides.

2016/8/15 meeting

  1. Due to work commitments and vacation the first draft has been pushed out to September. Still on target to release draft in October.
  2. Call for everyone to assist with refining the existing 177 slides into ~100 slides with a few bullet point “check your understanding” questions to end each chapter
  3. Will create a new template once chapters are complete for a coherent look

2016/7/18 meeting, current plan is to:

  1. Each chapter is substantially complete. We currently have around 194 slides that need to be refined into about 100 slides for circa 3 hour delivery.
  2. We will “be brave” in condensing material to make it as simple as possible, so everyone should feel free to jump in and condense and/or simplify language.
  3. Where content is deleted from slides we will move it into slide notes to ensure presenters can have context. This is because we cannot assume a level of knowledge for the reader/presenter. We need to facilitate everything from low to high.
  4. We need to add “check your understanding” to most chapters (see reference material from Chapter 7). This will ensure each module can work as a stand-alone mini-segment. For the same reason it would be ideal if each chapter could start with a high-level summary.
  5. The status of each chapter is based on reports from assigned Chapter authors (see above for current status). However, everyone is invited to open and edit the slides to help ensure we have a completed deliverable for the next call. The slides can be found here:!799&ithint=file%2cpptx&app=PowerPoint&authkey=!AMPIqg6TBlScFUI
  6. Each chapter should end up being somewhere between 8 and 10 slides including the “Check Your Understanding” slide. Please feel free to edit the content of any chapter and hide any slide you think is unnecessary. We can also add blank placeholder slides for individual company processes, to both show that we expect companies to customise, and to help underline that our curriculum material alone is not enough for a solid process.

2016/6/20 meeting, current plan is to:

  1. refine existing 175 slides into 100 slides for circa 3 hour delivery.
  2. The slides are currently split into 12 “chapters” and we will add a one slide “check your understanding” mini-test to end each chapter
  3. We will assign one “chapter” to each explicit OpenChain Curriculum volunteer for this editing process. Coincidentally we have twelve volunteers:
    • Dave Marr
    • Jilayne Lovejoy
    • Kate Stewart
    • Ramesh Jain
    • Shane Coughlan
    • Tom Arcidiacono
    • Gary O'Neall
    • Hung Chang
    • Catharina Maracke
    • Arnold Niessen
    • Mark Radcliffe
    • Nathan Kumagai
  4. The process will be to adjust/hide slides inside each chapter as needed to refine the material, and then to add a one slide “check your understanding” quiz.
  5. The combination of the 12 “check your understanding“ mini-test slides will make up our first OpenChain test material
  6. We will create a simple mapping of Curriculum slides to the Specification
  7. We will add master slide text that this Curriculum material alone is not enough for compliance
  8. We will add placeholder slides for individual company processes
  9. We will create a direct link to each chapter to make editing easier
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