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Agenda for 2007/05/01

  1. Introductions if needed
  2. LF: Charter Text, Open A11y Branding/Identity - Janina
    • contains the following text:
      • Note that, while the LF is a Linux organization, LSB workgroups may work on standards that have broader applicability than just Linux. Even within the LSB context, this is considered in scope and encouraged, as the more cross-platform LSB modules are, the less Linux-specific work an ISV has to do to target the Linux platform, the more cost effective it will be to do a Linux port, and the more likely it is that that Linux port will be done.
  3. IDL
    • The six methods that return arrays are incorrectly specified. Since these methods specify that the server manages all allocations including the top level arrays it is not correct to require the client to pass in the size of the array. That would only make sense if the client allocated the top level array (of longs or BSTRs) prior to the call.
    • These are the methods: IA2::extendedStates, IA2::localizedExtendedStates, IAAction::keyBinding, IATable::selectedRows, IATable::selectedColumns, IATable::selectedChildren
    • JAWS does not currently use any of these interfaces
    • Pending a response back from the Notes 8 development team.
  4. Proxy DLL - Pete Brunet
    • Info about how to create the proxy DLL needs to be published
  5. Developer Guide
    • No progress last week
  6. Python wrappers - Michael Stewart
    • The MSAA and IA2 wrappers are done.
    • Pete Brunet needs to publish them.
    • Working on an exerciser which activates the interfaces
  7. Inspect tool - Mike Squillace
  8. Eclipse - Larry Weiss, Barry Feigenbaum
  9. Firefox - Aaron Leventhal
  10. Wikipedia
    • Please contribute and/or review.
  11. Oleacc.idl
    • No new status on when it will be back in the SDK.
  12. The IDL has been updated for Notes 8 - Needs to be submitted to BZR.
    • no progress last week
  13. BZR patch submission process
    • no progress last week
  14. Enter defects into Bugzilla
    • no progress last week
  15. What else needs to be discussed?
  16. What IA2 information do you need?
  17. What IA2 issues need resolution soon? Target date?
  18. What would you like to see done?
    • FAQ
    • Others?