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Comments on Expert Handlers Flow Control, Draft 1

Neil Soiffer's original disclaimer (2007/10/02)

I'm sure that there are plenty of other issues. Hopefully this intro to the problem will help get the discussion started.

GJR's Observations While Formatting Draft 1 (2007/10/02)

  1. the text refers to the "Expert Handlers Working Group" -- technically, it is the "Expert Handlers Special Interest Group of the Open A11y Working Group", a.k.a. SIG

Feedback from Shawn Djernes (3 October 2007)

MSAA has some sort of input handler. [ Dragon] and several of the on-screen keyboard apps. This is why MS Office and IE / OE are the best working with Access Tech. Most other apps are screen scraping / focus control stuffing (not an official term).

IA2, I have not got a chance to play with yet.

Janina Sajka Replies to ShawnD (3 October 2007)

I guess what we're talking about might be conceptually similar to api based access. However, I think our concept is to swap handlers in and out on the fly, while the user traverses content which may be all expert domain markup, or only partly domain markup. And if it turns out we can structure it as a web 2.0 kind of interface, we might even achieve platform neutrality.

Willie Walker (reply to direct request for review/3 October 2007)

This might fit in the "dreamer" realm for this particular summit, but I think it would be perfectly appropriate for Neil to send an e-mail to the GNOME Accessibility mailing list seeing if:

  1. Anybody is interested in working on it
  2. Anybody from the above will be at the summit

If things look promising, then people could form a subgroup to talk about implementation plans.

PS - My approach to the summit this year is much different from last year. This year, I really want to encourage small groups of people with a common interest to work together to build momentum around the thing they want to accomplish (e.g., contracted braille, rewrite GOK, cut ties to Bonobo, etc.).